Summer Registration/Orientation

During Summer Registration you will attend a University welcome, a College of LAS meeting and a Biology meeting, where you will learn specific information about the different biology majors.  In the afternoon, you will meet one-on-one with an academic advisor to discuss what you have done in high school, what your long-term goals are and what you should take in your first semester on campus.

As a Biology student, it is imperative that you take the Chemistry and Math  (ALEKS) placement exams at least 1 week prior to your registration date.  Your advisor will use these results to suggest the appropriate courses for you in your first semester at Illinois.  If you need, or plan, to take any language courses other than English at Illinois, you should take those online placement tests as well. 

Should you have questions regarding which placement tests to take, please call us at (217) 333-6774 or (217) 333-3046.  We look forward to working with you on creating your perfect schedule!