Advising Resources

Advisor and studentThe Schools of IB and MCB employ 11 professional academic advisors to help you navigate your time at the University of Illinois.  Biology students are not assigned an advisor, but are encouraged to choose someone with whom they feel comfortable and meet with that person throughout their time as an undergraduate at Illinois. 

Frequent advisor meetings are encouraged, but we hope that you will meet with us at least once each semester. Academic advisors should be considered one of your first and most valuable resources on campus.  We aim to foster and develop a sense of value and ownership in our students towards their education.  A few things you might meet with an advisor to discuss are listed below.

  • Course planning
  • Career planning
  • Tracking progress towards your degree
  • Learning about options for minors and 2nd majors on campus
  • Taking courses at another institution and determining whether they will transfer appropriately to Illinois
  • Undergraduate research
  • Study abroad
  • Appropriate co-curricular activities for your interests and goals