Student Spotlight

  • Danica Vendiola, an extraordinary MCB honors student, knew she wanted to major in MCB after seeing her sister's experience in the major: “With my mom being a nurse, my experiences volunteering at a hospital and seeing my sister’s journey to medical school, I knew I wanted to pursue MCB and me
  • In 2018, Cameron Schwing, an undergraduate student in IB, was awarded the Mildred Parizek Zukor Award.
  • Vivian Li is a junior who is double majoring in IB and psychology. In addition to her coursework, she has a diverse array of outside interests. She is an EMS Aide / EMT student with Illini Emergency Medical Services, a peer educator for Stress Management Peers at McKinley Health Center, and was an LAS intern.
  • In 2018, Alex Riley, undergraduate student in IB, was awarded the Alice B.
  • In 2018, Cecilia Prada, undergraduate student in IB, was awarded the Alice B. Hayes Research Support Award.
  • There’s a popular quote that says: “knowledge is useless without action”. Our very own MCB leader, Jennifer Rodriguez, is a prime example of this. Her dedication and hard work towards her experience at the University of Illinois is truly admirable.
  • Sally Feng worked in Alison Bell’s lab as an undergraduate research assistant and completed her own independent senior research project, eventually graduating with High Distinction in IB.
  • Cassie received the Undergraduate Research Experience and Knowledge Award (UREKA) from University College Dublin and headed to Ireland to work with Triassic-Jurassic pollen from East Greenland.  Here is her account of the trip:
  • "As an undergrad at the University of Illinois, I spent the past four years learning a lot of things, but by doing my own research project I've been able to describe behaviors that no one else has before"