Unlimited possibilities

Whether you plan to attend medical, dental, or other professional school; advance to graduate school; conduct research at a national laboratory; teach; or pursue a position in industry, you will be well-prepared. For majors in molecular & cellular biology or integrative biology, the career opportunities are unlimited.

Alumnus: A career built from the heart

At a hospital on Chicago’s Northside, Jason Robin (BS, ‘98, biology) is the director of cardio oncology, managing the full spectrum of cardiovascular disease.

Graduate school


For those who are interested in continuing their education after completing a bachelor's degree, some options include:

  • Master's program: typically one- to two-year programs with or without a thesis requirement, such as in Genetic Counseling or Forensic Science, or the MS in IB or MS in MCB at Illinois.
  • Biology Education
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Bioethics and Science Policy
  • Professional Science Master's (PSM)
  • PhD program: Doctoral programs are typically four to six years, include a research thesis requirement, and sometimes have publication requirements.
  • MD-PhD programs provide training in medicine and research and are designed for those who want to become research physicians.
  • Law School: A juris doctor (JD) degree program is typically three years long. 

Alumnus: Embrace your authentic self

Joseph Frumkin (BS, ’13, integrative biology) is the guest engagement coordinator with Lincoln Park Zoo, where he designs public education presentations, manages the fellowship program, and more.



Graduates who choose to pursue a career immediately following graduation typically work in these areas.

  • Teaching (K-12)
  • Industry, e.g. biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agricultural
  • Research technician (academic, industry)
  • Field work
  • Quality control
  • Sales
  • Medical scribe, medical assistant or medical technician

MCB career development  IB career development  

Career mentoring


Our professional career mentorship programs connect motivated IB and MCB students with accomplished professionals, including alumni, across the country. Clinicians, researchers, educators, and more provide valuable insight to students through our formal mentoring program and multiple online or in-person events held during the year.

IB mentoring program  MCB mentoring program